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Interested to see how INCUDIGM can enhance your business?

Our Clients

Incudigm tools help social entrepreneurs to achieve more effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable outcomes in pursuit of their vision. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and strive to build lasting relationships by making it easy and profitable for social entrepreneurs to do business with us.

At Incudigm, we help new and emerging technology companies market complex business products and services. If you are in Technology, IT Services, Financial Services, or any other complex B2B industry, you are in the right place. Our consultants focus on high-growth digital strategies, tactics and tools that deliver a solid return on investment.

Incudigm services for non profit associations have evolved into powerful tools in charge of collecting donations, motivating supporters and helping organize events. Our portals are search engine friendly, easily update-able, integrate with event registration and donation tools, as well support social media engagement through use of online tools.

When people dream of starting their own business, they usually have a vision of that business providing freedom, security, and prosperity. However, there are also many challenges and potential pitfalls facing the new entrepreneur. Incudigm Network is a global network resource for the successful development of entrepreneurial projects, with an incubation assistance program offering concrete resources to foster business ideas and early-stage projects. Through the numerous resources and services, we will spur your entrepreneurial potential to grow your own business.


Our Program is ideal for any entrepreneur looking for additional resources and support in growing his or her business. The services available through the program range from free online resources and support to consulting services in business plan development, marketing, legal assistance, and more. Using the right tools, we will help foster your entrepreneurial project and take steps towards achieving your business goals.

Our tailored and customized programs help you to focus on your vision of the future and use this to create a clear action plan for the present. The objective is to provide small and mid-size businesses with the necessary support, financial and technical services in order to help them grow during the start-up phase, creating jobs and strengthening the economy. Our services are appropriate for pre-revenue stage companies to early-stage companies that are selling a wide category of products or services. Whether you want to penetrate a new market or scale your existing operations, we can help devise an appropriate strategy.

Our package of start-up services includes:

  • Mentoring on Business Basics
  • Online Resources for Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Management
  • Business Plan and Development
  • Technology Assistance
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Networking Activities
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Legal Advice
  • Access to Local Funds

We offer this service primarily as a transformative process, eliminating the weaknesses of your business plan while molding the strengths into a profitable venture. Our goal in fostering businesses is to guide and motivate our clients to achieve peak performance as self-employed business owners. We help clarify your goals, formulate a strategy, and provide you with a professional structure you can rely on to achieve success.

Incudigm Network Sites & Portals



Business Development, Web Design and Development SEO Marketing

New Technology Project: Wave Water Works' The Ocillo Drive-Wave Energy Converter, Makes Free Electricity from Water Movement. Client Objective: Create Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Globally across key sectors. Solution: Create Website, Web Portal, Social Profiles, PR with mobile connectivity and leverage off of technology corridors at home and abroad.

Business Development, Web Design and Development SEO Marketing

Regional Church Network Site: United Church of Christ seeks to do social justice work in Detroit Region, USA. Objective: Provide Connectivity to 31 local churches so as to link resources, communicate more regularly and show a united cause throughout the region. Also need an INTRANET for the work typically requiring in person meetings where travel has become costly and impractical.

Business Development, Web Design and Development SEO Marketing

Professional Profile Campaign. Highly accomplished Theologian, Religious Leader and Author Dr. John Biersdorf seeks to build an online following for engagement in a specific conversation Science and Religion. Objective: Create a single interface for video, audio and text communications which are syndicated and available across many channels. Pre-sell upcoming book on the subject.

Business Development, Web Design and Development SEO Marketing

National Non Profit Capital Campaign. Group committed to the music development of children in the foster care system need 100k to cover annual deficit. Objective: Build an affiliate network of musicians and affiliate marketers who raise money and awareness for the cause with the aid of a music mobile application.

Business Development, Web Design and Development SEO Marketing

Regional Hiring Campaign. A National 501c3 Corporation seeks to expand into 48 states with financial tools for under-served groups. Strategy: Create a portal which serves financially distressed people and offers connections to government and non profit resources.