Our Online Marketing Solution is designed for companies that are serious about taking their business online.

Our digital marketing services help our brand and agency clients recruit new customers, engage with existing ones better and generate higher levels of return. Our digital technology brand services will help you understand the multi-channel journey of the customer and create communication strategy to drive sales.

We can help you create a digital marketing plan including SEO, Mobile, Video, PPC, social, display and email to ensure you are getting the maximum return on investment from your marketing budget. We believe in capturing and making sense of the transactions, contacts, events and interactions that take place within your business is key to a complete understanding and profitable decision-making.

Digital Planning

We will work with clients to understand customer insight, behavior and value. Based on this understanding they create digital marketing plans to deliver our clients’ revenue targets.

Digital Analytics

Our experience in web analytics, usability and conversion optimization will help you make the most of your digital data to drive the improvements to your website that will increase conversion.

Digital Marketing

Our solution provide a the complete range of digital marketing services including PPC advertising,social media, Video, SEO management, web analytics, display advertising and affiliate marketing.

Social Marketing

Using our techniques we help clients understand the social profile and behaviour of their customers to develop robust social marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing

Internet Marketing program is a set of different strategies to achieve maximum success online, which will help drive as many qualified leads as possible to your website and then converting as many of those prospects into paying customers.

Design A High Converting Website…

Your website is at the center-stage of this online marketing campaign because all of the online marketing we do for your product or service will drive qualified leads to your website. If your website fails to convert those leas into actual sale, you will not earn any profits online and your online marketing campaign will fizzle. On the other hand, if your website has a very high conversion rate, you will not only be earning a profit and growing your business online, but you will be ahead of your competition because you will be able to spend more on advertising and still remain profitable.

Our web development solution forms part of this service and is designed specifically for companies that are serious about growing their business online and capturing the maximum market share from their competition.

Start A SEO Campaign Right Away

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a long term process taking anywhere from 3, 6 or even 12 months to achieve top rankings for highly competitive keyword phrases. For this reason, we recommend starting an SEO campaign right away.

If you already have an existing website that is producing sales (but not enough), then we recommend starting with our advanced SEO service, which is designed to get you top rankings for your highest value keyword phrases in the shortest timeframe possible.

If you don’t have a website and need our web development company to build you one, we recommend starting with our basic SEO service, which has been especially designed to start the SEO process while your website is being developed.

The reason we recommend starting SEO immediately is to lay a solid foundation in the search engines so that when you launch your website and continue with our advance SEO solution you will rapidly rise up in the ranks.
Launch A PPC Campaign When Your Website Is Complete

As soon as your web development is complete, we recommend launching a pay-per-click advertising (PPC) campaign (especially Google Adwords) right away to start driving sales to your company. With our PPC advertising solution you can start driving traffic within 24 hours of the launch of your website.

Who Is This Solution Designed For?

Our Online Marketing Solution is designed for companies that are serious about taking their business online. The rewards could be quite fascinating.

This solution is designed for both established companies with existing on-the-ground sales systems that can manage a large increase in sales enquiries AND for start-ups too! With this solution, Incudigm Web Services is becoming your virtual online marketing department OR Internet business partner, where we are responsible for ensuring that your business thrives online.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest methods of driving sales for your business. At Incudigm Network we specialize in PPC advertising with conversion tracking so that we can achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) from your advertising budget.

How Does It Work?

PPC advertising is the process of appearing within the “sponsored links” section of Google (the major search engine in the world). You can setup a text-based or Image based ad to appear anytime a user types in a specific keyword phrase. The best part is that you only pay when somebody actually clicks on your ad, which effectively means that you only pay for results. Having said that, at times there could be false clicks, which may not give you result but eat-up your budget, this is where our experts will make a difference to optimize your PPC campaign.

What Is The Most Important Number To Measure?

With PPC advertising it is easy to get caught up measuring the number of clicks you are receiving or the number of times your ad appears in the searches (referred to as “impressions” in Google Adwords). Focusing on these numbers, however, is a mistake.

The only number that is important within PPC advertising is the Cost-Per-Action (CPA), also referred to as the cost per conversion, which is displayed as a Rs. amount (eg $0.1). The key to success with your PPC campaign is to ensure that your CPA is lower than the amount of profit you earn. For example, if your CPA is $0.1 you must earn at least $0.1 in net profit to break even.

Our Online marketing experts will provide you a conversion tracking mechanism for the ad campaign and for your website too, which will help you calculate the return on investment.

Expert PPC Management Services

Incudigm Network has successfully managed client budgets as low at $25 per month and as high as $100 per day. Our PPC management service is focused entirely on achieving the maximum number of leads or sales at the lowest CPA within your budget. We are very aggressive in saving your budget. That is, if we see that the campaign is not working, we stop it right away and see what we need to do to fix it. In our opinion, we would rather you not spend your money with us if we can’t make your campaign profitable.

Interested? Contact us with your online marketing budget constraints and we will design a effective online marketing campaign.