Incudigm is a U.S. based firm with a global reach. Our core services lie in online applications that offer resources to groups that help to connect, train, develop or otherwise influence the way we do business, offered through cloud computing. The Incudigm Network is able to link like-minded individuals, complimentary businesses, or buyers and sellers together in new, seamless ways.

For socially conscious businesses, Incudigm network introduces web services to expand their causes. Based in US, Incudigm Network focuses on designing and creating a website, and connecting clients in a seamless way to offer them the best service possible.

Incudigm helps companies exploit the potential of emerging technologies to compete in the converged Web, SEO, Voice, Video, Data, and Design services market. Incudigm works extensively with early adopters to create infrastructures that enable the delivery of new products and services, addressing areas from service delivery to revenue capture.

Incudigm is active in all phases of the product innovation life cycle – from business planning and solution design to implementation and operations. Incudigm have extensive experience in all forms of dynamic and mobile sites.

We can help you:
Explore and evaluate emerging technologies.
Create systems which are scalable as per requirements.
Define new feature/function requirements.
Redefine organizational structures and operating procedures.
Developed Content Based Management Solution.
Implement Cloud Solutions Design and Develop web based solutions


In a Win-Win-Win world of Social Entreprenuership, it is important that all those at the table experience positive outcomes. The table in this case could be our clients, our employees, and our investors. Also included in this list are our independent sales force and our online affiliates. We are committed to excellence in financial stewardship. For those who are just starting out, or on a meteroric trajectory sound financial choices are the foundation of a solid future. Choose one of many tools for the success of your socially conscious business.


The implications for the Evolving Businesses and new industries are signi cant. Whether it is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution, Customer Relationship Management, or digital content creation and delivery, the transition to new technology means you must:

Develop highly scalable delivery design and architectures.
Integrate legacy technology (web, software or design) and operations platforms with new systems.
Redesign customer experience processes to meet new sales and service expectations.
Implement new system `diagnosis and management tools.
Deploy more complex ecommerce, billing and settlement solutions.


Incudigm services help you:

Accelerate time-to-market for new services.
Leverage existing investments while transitioning to a new delivery platform.
Deploy effective technology for delivering a high quality of service to customers


Incudigm can help guide you in your business planning process. We know the territory. Our experienced team will help you develop a clear, actionable business plan. We will ask the tough questions and challenge your assumptions. We want to make sure that you’ve thought of every angle.


For a website to succeed, it needs to look fantastic, stand-out from the crowd, and above all else be user friendly. At Incudigm Network, we have a team of user experience (UX) designers and graphic artists to bring your brand, your website and your business to life.


Incudigm develops start-up concepts and works with businesses aiming to launch brands. In some instances, our involvement goes beyond branding, marketing and design and we become more intimately associated with the operational, and financing aspects of the new brand.


Incudigm is often asked to work with clients trying to get to the next level. At times this means helping them take a step backwards to better understand their unique essence and position them for growth. Other times, it is looking ahead and capturing growth opportunities through communications, creative, strategy or business development and international expansion.


Incudigm’s incubation program customizes support based on each tech startup’s unique business needs. Able to connect technologies nearing commercial viability to early stage capital. Incudigm leverages expertise in business application technologies to improve operational efficiency, become effective, and gain agility and enterprise functions by providing end-to-end offerings.


Incudigm conducts a website audit, showing you how users interact with your site and on what pages they click off your site. Incudigm works with clients to boost their web traffic through SEO. This helps them reach untapped markets, build brand awareness, and ultimately increase online revenue. Incudigm can optimize your website to gain traffic organically.